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I get hit with migraines often. So often, in fact, that I often feel that my life is passing me by while I am abed. T sometimes will come in to keep me company, which she did yesterday. She began telling me stories from "The Meatball Chronicles." Don't ask me why (it's a long story), but our guinea pigs' tushies have been rechristened as "meatballs." In this particular episode, the guinea pig Telemachus was at Mass with his parents (Odysseus and Penelope - Odysseus is one of our actual guinea pigs). The guinea pig priest was named Fr. Yort (that should look vaguely familiar to you if you attend St. John Vianney!) He was a silver guinea pig who drank too much beer at lobster dinners (this is all out of the imagination of the eight year-old T!). In his homily, Fr. Yort began to speak of Jesus (pronounced in Latin, though, so it was "Yay-sus"). Telemachus came out of his somnolent state at the sound of what he thought was a familiar name! He began to chant: "Yay, Zeus! Yay, Zeus!" I guess you can take the guinea pig out of Greece, but you can't take the Ancient Greek gods worship out of the guinea pig...At least Fr. Yort at the good sense to spank his meatballs!

Should I be concerned about T? Just kidding - I love her imagination. I don't know if I'll be able to look at our priest without laughing next week, though!

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