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July 27, 2009

I don't know how well it will work yet (we'll need hands-on time for that), but I have a tentative "what to do when" schedule hammered out, complete with color-coded bullets. The first bullet is for independent student work. The second is for work with me work, and the third is for all together work. Of course, the twins, being four, do not actually have to participate in history, art, and science :) Everything after handwriting, phonics, and math is optional for them!
Sadly, I am a computer illiterate, and I can't post my schedule. Sad, sad day. At least I have one!

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Could you just copy/paste it, or would the format get all messed up? You could maybe upload to Google docs and then link to it? (Can you tell I want to see it?) I'll upload mine to Google if you want to see it - I just got it finished over the weekend and we are starting back to school this Monday. I think I have decided to start M w/Saxon 3 instead of 2 as she keeps blowing me away with how much math she can do w/o having had any formal instruction in the 2nd year topics. I'm also going to start the kinder twinkies with year 1.

-Medusa :P

Medusa, my dear, for you I will post a time schedule. Somehow. Soon. I still haven't seen yours, though!

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