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Posted by: Laura Delgado

June 3, 2008
...I wish. In any case, I went to the Homeschool Store today, and for the first time felt well enough organized and on my path that I did not want everything in sight. Usually I go limp at the sight of so much grammar and history. I want it. All of it. Today, however, I find that I am very content with what we have lined up. We are covering both ancient and Old Testament history nicely (and, yes, I know that Old Testament history is ancient), and between First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind and Writing Tales, I really think that T is getting a very rigorous grammar and writing curriculum. I was going to switch her to Rod and Staff when she finished FLL, but I just found out that there will be a Level 4 by the time she needs it, so I'll probably keep her with that. I am hoping that the difficulty level picks up a little, especially with the diagramming, but I inadvertently throw in so much of my own stuff anyway on a daily basis (in one day last week she learned "mendacious, pugilistic, segue", and one more word that temporarily escapes me), that she'll be fine. Also, when we're done with Writing Tales, we'll be transitioning to Classical Writing Homer, so she'll have plenty on her plate.

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