Malum consilium quod mutari non potest  

Posted by: Laura Delgado

June 6, 2008
...although I'm not changing anything exactly, it's more of a clarification. I know that I can't teach SOW I with Earth Science. That makes no sense. The entire idea is to make the history consonant with the science in order to create a picture of a cohesive whole. Quite. Which means that I need to do SOW I this summer, in its entirety, in order to start SOW II in the fall, along with Earth Science. I can thank T's kindergarten teacher (for the millinonth time) for doing such a great job with Life Science. She knows enough about Life Science that I'll feel comfortable leaving it formally for the duration of the grammar stage. What I need to do, then, is formalize our summer curriculum. That shouldn't be too hard. Famous last words... T's SummerSOW IFinish Saxon Math 3 (by end of June)LatinFLL for the WTM N's SummerSaxon Math 1Phonics PathwaysAll About Spelling M and M-C's SummerRevel in their 3 year old existenceI was debating enrolling T in drama this summer, since she spends so much time writing and directing herself and M-C in plays, but I think that I may wait until next summer. I guess that I am keeping this summer activity-free. I may come to regret that, but I may not. We'll see. The actual age limit is 7, but I was assuming that I could make a case for her, since she turns 7 soon and has 4 years of dance behind her now. I'll probably just wait. I would say maybe this fall, but in the fall we'll have T-ball, 2 dance classes, and maybe soccer tots, so we'll have to see. I do so love being home.
Now I have to go to Amazon and buy SOW II and accompanying materials. Actually, I contemplated Veritas' program for quite awhile. I really like it, and will probably use it alot as the kids get older, especially their Omnibus program. For now, though, SOW is a great introduction to history on a grand scale. I thank God daily that His plan included providing me with just the right education for providing my kids with *their* education. I still don't know what the point of the Ph.D. in Political Science was (so I can teach them advanced stats someday??), but my undergraduate education was tailor made for giving them a Catholic, classical education of the first order, and I am thankful.Edited to add: I just noticed that Live Journal is telling me "You've only made "0" friends". Heh - story of my life ;) Like I needed my journal telling me that! Also, why is it, with all of the preset moods, they never have the one that I want??

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