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Posted by: Laura Delgado new layout, that is. If only I could figure out how to iron out the few kinks. Alas, I am not that savvy. Either that, or I am not willing to take the time, particularly given that I am practically the only person who reads my musings! Things are bumpy here right now. N would be a challenge to any teacher, but is doubly so to me. I know that what we are doing is easy for him, but he needs the fundamentals. I am very sensitive to the needs of a boy, and I don't make him sit still for long periods of time, but we have to do math and phonics and language every day. His reading is coming along wonderfully, and I am amazed at how nice his handwriting is (thank you, Zaner-Bloser! Funny aside - the kids have created a fictional super hero called Zaner-Bloser; I guess it is a funny name). In any case, on a personal note, I have been reflecting on something Fr. Troy said Saturday night, "depression is anger turned inward." I have never heard it phrased quite that way before, but given my family (nuclear, that is), it is something worth pondering. So off I go to ponder.

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I know you aren't into my psychobabble, but I have heard that many times. It was certainly true for me.

I'm perusing Andrelola's "Charlotte Mason Companion". What wonderful inspiration (much needed on those "bumpy" days). How I wish I read this in lieu of the scores of parenting books years ago! Better late than never, I guess. I know you would LOVE it.

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