First Day Fall '08 at the Salve Regina Homeschool Academy  

Posted by: Laura Delgado

August 6, 2008
Our first day of the new semester has gone very well (with the slight exception of N rebelling and not wanting to sort his letter tiles when MC messed them up). I think that even with her heavy course load, I will be able to finish with T before lunch, and that makes me happy. I have also decided that it is most correct to refer to her as a 3rd grader and to N as a 1st grader. That is where their school work averages (her math is higher, and the rest of her work would definitely be considered advanced for a 3rd grader, but it's not unheard of to have a 7 year old 3rd grader, so that's what I'm calling it). N is doing Math 1, which is perfect for a Kindergartner, and he's also doing First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind 1st Grade, which is also perfect for a Kindergartner. It works well with his spelling and phonics, and I know that he is going to want the writing skills once he sees the notebooks that T is going to be keeping, so I think it best to give him the skills ASAP. Wise even says that the goal at this level (her 1st grade book) is exposure, not mastery, so I see no reason to wait. When he starts to rebel and get antsy, I always let him go. He is making real progress, though.At the moment I am loving Cindy Rushton ( Yes, she's a tad Fundamentalist for my taste, and yes, she's heavy on the teddy bear graphics, but she does hit a chord that I need to hear, and she does have some great organizing materials on her site. It's a great way for a massive introvert like me to connect without having to connect. Speaking of which, my good friend Pam is starting a book club with the old CN crowd (whom I dearly miss), and I am so excited. First up is Mere Christianity. I have to find it and dust it off and prepare to discuss it with some very intelligent ladies!Finally, my first official post is up at here It may not be much (I've written more, but it has not been posted yet), but I'm happy (and we all know what a rare event that is).

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