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Posted by: Laura Delgado

June 3, 2008
There are some books that I absolutely forbid T to read on her own. I simply must read them to her. Unfortunately, that list is ever growing, and my brain cells are ever shrinking. To that end, this entry will serve as a continually updated list of the books that I will read to T. We have already read some of them (i.e., Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Jim Dale is doing the honors with all of the Harry Potter books (we're halfway through Book 6). A Little Princess - Frances Hodgeson Burnett (in progress) The Princess Bride - William Goldman Anne of Green Gables - L(ucy) M(aud) Montgomery A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens The Wolves of Wiloughby Chase - Joan Aiken The Iliad - HomerMore will come - I have a whole shelf of them. The problem is making them wonderful enough for her to want to hear them, but not so wonderful that she reads them on her own, or that she reads ahead. Some I have had to keep in my room in the past...

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